Tech Index

NLP: natural language processing
  1. The Art of Tokenization
  2. Part-of-Speech Lookup Tables and Frequency Distributions
  3. Jaccard Similarity
  4. Phonetic Algorithms
  5. TF/IDF with Google n-Grams and part-of-speech Tags
  6. Well, well, well ... Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) with Google n-Grams
  7. A Visual Introduction to Phrase Structure and Dependency Parsing
  8. Same but not the Same: Homonym Frequency Distributions
  9. Auto-Generation of Regular Expressions for Spelling Errors
  10. Snowball Stemmer for Java
  11. SKOS Recipe for Stemming
  12. Language Modeling
  13. Natural Language Understanding of Unstructured Data
  14. Precision vs Recall in Dictionary Matching
  15. [PPT] Natural Language Classification on Bluemix
  16. Triple Extraction
    1. Straight-up Triples (1-6)
    2. Intransitive Action (2-6)
    3. Modeling Business Scenarios (3-6)
    4. Modeling Perception (4-6)
    5. Modeling Characteristics (5-6)
    6. Spatial Modeling (6-6)
    7. Extracting IS-A Relationships
  17. Alchemy API:
    1. Using the Taxonomy Tagger and Source Code

Provenance: a digital record
  1. W3C Provenance Standard (I was a member of the working group)
  2. W3C Provenance Model Primer
  3. PROV and Dublin Core
  4. Provenance and Compliance Risk Management
  5. Reification and Trust
    1. [PPT] Things and Strings
  6. [PPT] PROV-O Overview

Machine Learning: learning from data
  1. The Road to Gamma
  2. The Chain Rule of Probability
  3. Octave: A Simple Prototyping tool for Machine Learning

Graphs: entities and relationships
  1. [PPT] Ontologies and Semantic Web
  2. Inference using OWL 2.0 Semantics
  3. Semantic Relationships in Wordnet
  4. Distinguishing Parts from Kinds
  5. BGS Open Data Review:
    1. Geochronology Ontologies
    2. Earth Material Ontologies
  6. NLP-Driven Ontology modeling for Ontology-driven NLP
  7. Ontology-driven Natural Language Processing
  8. An Omonastic Compilation and Ontology
  9. Model Simplification through Dependency Reinjection
  10. Neo4j
    1. Neo4j and Python on Ubuntu (using VirtualBox)

Jena: a java system for rdf
  1. Jena: A Semantic Web Framework (Introduction)
  2. The Jena Schemagen Tool
  3. The Jena Layer Cake

Apache Hadoop: reliable, scalable cluster computing
  1. Software Installation
    1. Windows:
      1. Virtualbox for Virtualization
      2. Installing PuTTY
    2. Linux:
      1. Installing Java
      2. for Development Environments only:
        1. Installing Maven
        2. Installing Eclipse
        3. Develop your Environment
  2. Creating the Cluster
    1. Bring the Binaries
    2. Secure the Channel
    3. Configure the Base
    4. Cloning for Clusters
      1. Adding a new DataNode
  3. Using the Cluster
    1. Flip the Switch
    2. Copy some Files
    3. Submit a Job
    4. Monitor your Progress
  4. Understanding the Hadoop Architecture
  5. Troubleshooting
    1. Incompatible Cluster IDs
    2. GC Overhead Limit Exceeded

Apache Spark: lightning fast cluster computing
  1. Installing Spark on Ubuntu
  2. Spark RDD (Resilient Distributed Dataset) Introduction and API
  3. Deploy a Scala Job to a Spark Cluster using SBT
  4. PySpark Recipes

Scala Lang: OO and java interoptable lang
  1. Installing Scala on Ubuntu
  2. Installing sbt on Ubuntu

Python: the Python Programming Language
  1. Installation and Configuration:
    1. Configuring a Python Development Environment on Ubuntu
    2. Exposing a Python App via Django in Vagrant
  2. MongoDB
    1. Installing the Python Driver in MongoDB
    2. Importing Data into MongoDB using Python
  3. Requests Module
    1. GET and POST with Requests
    2. Posting documents to Solr 
  4. Zeppelin and Pyspark
    1. Writing to Parquet
    2. Transform a CSV to Parquet
    3. Merge Multiples CSVs in one Dataframe
    4. Finding Associated Hashtags (Contexual Analysis)
    5. Ad-hoc Social Analysis in Twitter  
    6. Pyspark Operations Overview
    7. Pyspark Recipes 
  5. Other
    1. Using the Slack RTM API
    2. Pandas and Geonames 
    3. Using Paramiko for SSH-based operations 
    4. Using Selenium to logon to Twitter 
    5. Bulk Inserts to MySQL 

Java: general-purpose computer programming language
  1. Installing the JDK on Ubuntu
  2. Servlets
    1. Servlet Redirecting and Dispatching
    2. Servlet Mapping
  3. Spring
    1. The Spring Container for IoC (Inversion of Control) 
    2. Loading Resources from the Local File System
    3. Data Access
      1. Using the JDBC  Template
      2. Spring JPA
  4. Jersey
    1. An Introduction to Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS)
    2. Deploying a RESTful Web Service onto Tomcat (running in a Docker Container)
    3. JAX-RS and MongoDB (using Docker)
  5. Public Contributions on Github:
    1. java-commons, jaxrs-minimalist, jaxrs-mongo, snowball (maven-compatible)

Docker: an open platform for distributed apps
  1. Installing Docker
    1. on Ubuntu
    2. on Mac OS
  2. Docker Design and Architecture
  3. Creating your own Dockerfile
  4. Docker and ...
    1. Apache Tomcat
    2. Apache Solr
  5. Public Contributions on Github

MySQL: a popular open-source database
  1. MySQL Installation on Ubuntu
  2. Using the MySQL Workbench
  3. Essential Admin Tasks

Maven: a build automation tool
  1. Installing Maven
  2. Creating a Java Project with Maven
  3. Using Profiles in Maven
  4. Project Object Model (POM) Overview
  5. Multi-Workspace Structuring Best Practices
  6. Installing a Local JAR
  7. Creating an Executable JAR
  8. Deploying a Web Project (without Eclipse)
  9. Dependency Visualization
  10. Parent POMs and the Maven Reactor
  11. Public Contributions on Github (BOMs)

Tomcat: an open-source web server and servlet container
  1. Deploying to Tomcat without an IDE using Maven
  2. Docker and Apache Tomcat

MongoDB: an open-source document database
  1. Installation
    1. Installation on Ubuntu
    2. MongoDB and Docker
  2. Changing the Data Path (dbPath)
  3. Installing the RoboMongo Administrative Client
  4. An Introduction to the Aggregation Pipeline
  5. Java
    1. Using the Java Driver
    2. Using Spring Data for MongoDB
    3. JAX-RS and MongoDB
  6. Python
    1. Installing the Python Driver
    2. Importing Data using PyMongo

Lucene: a high-performance search engine library
  1. Building the Search Index
  2. Querying the Search Index
  3. Query Expansion with Wordnet Synonyms

Solr: an enterprise search platform (built on Lucene)
  1. Introduction to Solr (on Docker)
  2. Posting documents to Solr
  3. Automated Tokenization testing with Solr

Bluemix: an open-standards cloud platform
  1. Configuring a Local Development Environment
  2. Docker-in-docker Dockerfile for Deploying Docker to Bluemix
  3. [PPT] Creating a Git Project (on Bluemix)
  4. [PPT] Building a Project with Maven (on Bluemix)
  5. [PPT] Deploying a Java Web App (on Bluemix)
  6. [PPT] Training the NL Classifier on Bluemix

Github: revision control and scm
  1. Installation on Ubuntu
  2. Clone a Remote Repository

Ubuntu: debian linux distribution
  1. Mounting a Network Share

Jenkins: continuous integration
  1. Installing Jenkins (with Git and Maven) on Ubuntu 14.04
  2. Using Jenkins (with Git and Maven)
  3. [PPT] Jenkins on Docker

Eclipse: ide for java developers
  1. Installing Eclipse on Ubuntu

VirtualBox: enterprise virtualization
  1. Cloning VirtualBox VMs
  2. Adding a new Hard Drive to Ubuntu 14.04

NodeJS: javascript on the server
  1. Installing node.js on Ubuntu 14.10
  2. Installing express.js on Ubuntu 14.10
  3. Node and Express on OS X

SAS: Analytics Software & Solutions
  1. Reading a CSV
  2. PROC Means
  3. PROC Freq
  4. PROC Print


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